A project more ambitious than ever

For its third season, the SCALAR team (Supaero Cansat LAuncheR) is back with a whole new project. It’s a new milestone in the development of the program as SCALAR is the only project developed only by members of the club.This new experimental rocket will be called SCALAR III, and shows the willingness of the club to create projects that keep being more ambitious and to assert itself as one of the best technical and scientific association on a national and european scale.

A club : SUPAERO Space Section

Since its creation in 2010, SUPAERO Space Section gathers every experimental rocket project at ISAE-SUPAERO. It allows the students to design an experimental rocket, to build it and to see it taking off at the C’Space -organised by french association Planète Sciences– or at other launch campaigns. SCALAR rockets are done solely by the club, others are realised with the CNES and take part in the PERSEUS project. In the last few years, the club managed to establish itself as a major participant in the PERSEUS project and at french national events. Today, it is part of one of the great european aerospace clubs alongside other clubs such as DARE (Delft University) and was awarded in november 2016 and in november 2017, the prize of the best High-Tech french association.

A team

To achieve this project, a team of around 30 ISAE-SUPAERO students was constituted. Skilled and motivated, it was organised around a clear hierarchical and technical structure, insuring a precise task distribution.

  • Project manager : Guillaume Crooks, 2nd year student
  • Embedded electrical systems : Gregor Vindry, 2nd year student
  • Mechanics : Louis Dubois, 2nd year student
  • 4 others 2nd year students
  • 20 1st year students
  • 3 3rd year students
  • 3 international students


We would like to thank all of our partners listed under the previous picture.