The Club

The SUPAERO Space Section (SCube) gathers students from ISAE-SUPAERO (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) who participate to create experimental rockets. With almost 70 members, the club has 11 successful take-offs since its foundation in 2010.

Those studies may be part of students’ course, including innovative projects in partnership with ISAE laboratories.

The SUPAERO Space Section and its contribution within PERSEUS’ projects



Since its beginnings, SCube has participated actively in PERSEUS (University and Scientific European Student project of Space research, started by the Launcher Directorate of the CNES) which is aligned with the preparation for the future. It promotes the emergence of new innovative technical solutions for space projects with an industrial and pedagogic approach, created by college& master students.

Organigramme organisation
Organigramme PERSEUS

The project has three principal goals, by order of priority:

  1. The research of innovations and the development of promising technologies which can be applied to the space transportation systems
  2. The creation of these projects by young people, in a university or community environment, within a pedagogical initiative to develop their motivation for space careers
  3. The development of ground and embedded systems to establish detailed pilot record for a nano- satellite launch system.

In this context, the club mainly has thrown itself into the ARES macro-projects, which develop and create rocket demonstrators based on previous acquired knowledge.

The participation in these projects settles a suitable environment for the flourishing of future space engineers.

A project-based organisation

Réalisation de la peau de SCALAR
Principe de l’organisation des projets

The activities of the club are organized in a certain number of autonomous projects which managed all the process of creation of a demonstrator, from conception to analysis of landing-recovered data. Each project is subdivided in three domains: Project Management, Mechanical Systems and Electronic Systems and Safety studies. The teams gathered weekly and according to the activities specific to each domain, in the club premises.

This year, four projects are in course of development : three experimental rockets in partnership with PERSEUS, and one internal rocket to which the club is general contractor.


The board coordinates the different projects of the SCube to assure a perfect setting for its goals’ accomplishment.

President : Victor Petoin

Vice-presidents : Thibault Formosa

Treasurer : Maxime Rinjard

The club premises

The club has a room provided by the Complex Systems Engineering Department of the ISAE-SUPAERO. The different projects can find there all the necessary tools for the conception stages (hardwares, technical documentation), the realization stages (basic equipment, electronics material, 3D printing) and assembling stages (screws and bolts, tools) of demonstrators.

Le local lors de la présentation de rentrée du club